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CIX 200 - ideal for up to 112 users

The Toshiba CIX 200 is the perfect telephone system for expanding businesses.

CIX 200It offers a maximum of 96 trunks plus 160 IP channels and 112 extensions, and can be easily expanded to suit growing communication needs.

Key features:

* Built-in scalability with a modular design that allows you to implement new features and functionality as the needs of your business requires.
* Designed for continuous technical enhancement, so you will always have access to the latest technology, supporting your business to maintain its competitive advantage.
* Unrivalled investment protection; easily upgrade to the Strata CIX670 with handsets, applications and system hardware being compatible across the Strata CIX range.
* Flexible configurations allow you to implement IP telephony when itís right for your business easily and cost effectively.
* Common, extensive feature-set regardless of configuration, made available to all employees including those in branch offices, or working remotely.
* Full range of applications available to extend your solution, including built-in Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and traffic reporting, messaging solutions, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), call routing and recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and networking.

* Trunk Lines 96
* IP Telephones 160
* Digital Telephones 112
* Analogue Standard Stations 58

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