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KX-TVM 50 & KX-TVM 200 - voice messaging systems

Panasonic voice mail systems provide efficient tools for handling telephone traffic and internal communication needs. Customers can record, send, and retrieve messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

KX-TVM 50KX-TVM 200Voice messages recorded via the phone system are notified and can be retrieved via the phone or in an e-mail. Date and time stamped, they can also be deleted, or stored and forwarded (as a .wav file). This allows users to manage both their voicemail and e-mail from a desktop PC. Plus with the KX-TVM 200, customers benefit from over 1000 user mailboxes and increased call recording capacity.

Individual extensions can be set up with custom menu options, giving a business greater flexibility. Both are programmable to handle a range of calls (auto attendant or voicemail) to supply suitable help to callers during off-peak and holiday periods.

Additional activity reporting features:

* Call handling, message status, subscriber set-up, security info, hourly statistics, and e-mail log.
* Both systems are compatible with KX-TA 624, KX-TES 824, KX-TD, and KX-TDA systems.

  KX-TVM 50* KX-TVM 200**
 Initial port configurations 2 0
 Optional port configurations 4, 6 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24
 Maximum mailboxes 64 1024
 Recording time (hours) 4 (8 max) 1000
 Interface DPT/APT/SLT DTP
 E-mail integration/LAN interface option built-in
 Remote modem option option

 * Replaces the KX-TVP50E
** Replaces the KX-TVP200

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