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KX-TDA 600 - ideal for up to 960* users

This hybrid IP-PBX offers the ultimate solution for your office in the digital age by synthesising voice and data to give a low-cost, intelligent communications environment.

KX-TDA 600As technology changes so does the way businesses communicate with their customers. The KX-TDA 600, with a capacity of up to 960 extensions*, provides the ideal solution to handle all of your system requirements, whatever your size.

Applications include:

* Voicemail
* Call management software
* Cordless telephony (DECT)
* Integrated headsets
* Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
* Remote branches
* Home Worker Solution

Initial configuration:
* 0 lines
* 0 extensions

Maximum configuration:
* 640 lines (4 cabinets)
* 960 extensions* (4 cabinets)
* 10 line cards
* 10 extension cards
* 32 DECT Cell stations per cabinet
* 4 interface cards per cabinet

Configuration guidelines:
* The system has a basic configuration of 1 cabinet = 160 extensions & 160 trunks.

* Requires Memory Expansion Card (MEC) using DXDP for maximum configuration

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