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KX-T 824 - ideal for up to 24 users

Note: this is an analogue system and does not work with ISDN.

The KX-T 824 Advanced Hybrid PBX system provides features that can satisfy the demands of even the most advanced users.

KX-T 824Pre-configured for 3 lines and 8 extensions, it can be expanded to a maximum of 8 lines and 24 extensions. It also features an optional internal voice message card with 24 mailboxes and 60 minutes recording time.

The new features added are:

* DISA/Message on busy (built-in)
* Fax detect
* Extension CLI (internal)
* Modem (built in)
* USB for PC programming
* Internal voice mail

Initial configuration:
* 3 lines
* 8 extensions

Maximum configuration:
* 8 lines
* 24 extensions (16 hybrid x 8 SLT)

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