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Frequently Asked Questions - Samsung Products

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Q: How do I set the system speed dial name on the Samsung DCS range?

  1. Press TRSF

  2. Dial 200

  3. Enter Passcode (1234)

  4. Press Vol Up once

  5. Press Speaker

  6. Dial 706

  7. Dial Extension Number (500,501,etc)

  8. Enter Speed Dial Name Using Table

    Dial 0QZ.)0
    Dial 1SPACE?,!1
    Dial 2ABC@2
    Dial 3DEF#3
    Dial 4GHI$4
    Dial 5JKL%5
    Dial 6MNO^6
    Dial 7PRS&7
    Dial 8TUV*8
    Dial 9WXY(9
    Dial *:=[]*

  9. Press TRSF to store and exit Or Press Right Soft Key to Return to Step 7.

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